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Date: 11th May 2016
Ophthalmic Viscoelastic Device
What is Hairont Ophthalmic Viscoelastic Device?Medical Sodium Hyaluronate Gel Ophthalmic Viscoelastic DeviceComposition and Specification?Each ml of Hairont contains:Sodium hyaluronate? 10mg-30mgPhysiological equilibrium solutionSpecification: 0.5ml? 0.75ml? 1.0mlConcentration: 14mg/ml? 15 mg/ml? 18 mg/ml? 20 mg/ml? 25 mg/ml? 30 mg/ml?Characteristics and Physiological Functions:1.?????? Hairont is a colorless,Website:http://www.hairont.com, transparent and well-proportioned viscous solution.2.?????? Hairont has high viscosity, physical share and biological consistent.3.?????? Hairont is a sterile, isotonic and nonpyrogenic viscoelastic solution.4.?????? Lubricating, obstructing, filtering and supporting.?Application Range:????????????????????????????????? 1.???? Cataract extraction operation2.???? Intraocular lens implantation operation3.???? Implantation cornea4.???? Glaucoma operation5.???? Ocular injury operation ?Specification: 0.5ml? 0.75ml? 1.0mlConcentration: 14mg/ml? 15 mg/ml? 18 mg/ml? 20 mg/ml? 25 mg/ml? 30 mg/ml?Storage Instruction and Notes?Single use onlyDo not use the product if the package is open or damaged Store in the original package at 2-8?.Protect from light. Do not freeze.Do not inject intravascularly?The use of hyaluronic acid?Clinical Effects:1.????Hairont may be distributed on cornea endothelium equably and form protective membrane effectively.2.????Hairont may keep depth of anterior chamber fully and make operations easily.3.????Hairont may prevent vitreous pressure and irides from taking off, and restrain bleeding in operations.4.????Hairont can protect the apple of eye during making operation and prevent inflammation from happening after the operations.Compare with similar products
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